Interior Painting

We believe your house should be a place you love to come home to. We believe it should be welcoming, comfortable to be in, and something you are proud of.

Many of us don’t notice how dirty the walls are and that the trim is beat up, or how faded the paint is. We’ve heard so many times after painting an interior “I love it, I didn’t realize how bad it was, this is amazing”. Other home owners may have inherited a previous paint job. It may have been poorly painted or the colors are outdated, and it doesn’t feel like their home.

We’re here to make your home beautiful, longer lasting, and great to look at and be in.

We can help with color consulting, providing feedback on what should or may not need to be painted, prioritizing your budget, and logistics on how to accomplish the work while living in your home

surface prep

We remove as many nails, anchors, pins, pictures, wall mounts, and cover plates as needed. We prefer not to leave brush stroke marks on the walls, therefore we remove as much as we can to maintain a consistent roller texture around objects.

We fill as many holes, cracks, gaps as needed and prime those surfaces to guarantee that your finish coats present consistently. We often find blemishes the home owner isn’t aware of and are glad to take care of those for free. Sometimes however we will find mold, water damage, or other drywall needs and will bring those to your attention for us to address.

For most wood surfaces like trim, doors, windows, or moldings we sand to remove the sheen for receiving the new semi-gloss. We often have to prime as well to create a better bonding surface for the new coat.

Some surfaces may need to be refinished. Whether that is matching texture, polishing, installing drywall, or repairing tile, we can help you.

surface protection

As much as you are comfortable with it, we prefer to cover all necessary traffic patterns where we’ll be working. This helps achieve our goal of “clean work”. We cover all adjacent flooring, trim, furniture, personal belongings, and other areas you request. There are times we may ask you to move fragile or valuable personal items.

Finish Applications       

We commit to applying two finish coats of your preferred colors and sheen to all surfaces. At times, the surface may require more coats.

No matter how many coats it takes, our job is to do it right so that there is no bleed through from previous colors or inconsistent thin areas.

Interior services

In addition to painting your interior there are often other critical or decorative needs you would like accomplished. Over the years our team has become proficient at most cosmetic projects and specialty installations.

Install and Repair Drywall

Texturing and Level 5 finishing

Wood Installation

Trim | Molding | Casings | Doors


Acoustic Ceilings | Popcorn Ceilings | Tile Ceilings | Wallpaper


Specialty Installs

Plank Flooring | Toilets | Vanities | Lights | Fans | Light Switches | Electrical Plugs | Drop Ceilings | Tub/Sink Resurfacing


Part of our painting service also includes refinishing your cabinets. Painting or staining them is a less expensive alternative to resurfacing or replacing them.

Our process is to repaint the doors onsite or at our offsite studio.

For prep work we remove all of the hardware and hinges and mark where they return. We can also install new hardware for you, including re-holing new handle distances.

After removing the doors and drawers we clean them from oils and grime followed by sanding and cleaning again to create a new surface for maximum paint adhesion.

After the new surface has been created we prime them and apply 2-3 finish coats by spraying or fine-finish rolling.

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